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       N-Phenyl maleimide

       N-Phenyl maleimide(NPMI)


      Chemical name:N-Phenyl maleimide
      Molecular formula:C10H7NO2
      Molecular weight:

      Molecular weight:173.17
      CAS NO.941-69-5





      yellow powder


      ≥99 %

      Initial Melting point

      ≥87 ℃

      Loss on Drying




      Properties:Yellow powder, has a strong irritating smell, insoluble in water, petroleum ether, soluble in common organic solvents, particularly soluble in acetone, benzene, ethyl acetate.
      Applications:NPMI mainly used in polymer materials ( ABS, PVC, PMMA etc.) as heat-resistant modifier; in rubber industry,it is used as PP, PVC crosslinking agent; and it manufactures the adhesives improving t metal and rubber adhesive; and also can be as coating, photosensitive resin, rubber accelerator, insulating paint raw materials; It is an important midbody of medicine, pesticide intermediates, fuel.
      NPMI is as a modifier of a thermoplastic resin excellent in heat, which has already widely used in the matrix resin and the adhesive of the advanced composite materials have workability, easy moldability, hot melt resistance, toughness, impact resistance and the excellent characteristics.The NPMI-15% blend of ABS can be made ultra-heat-resistant ABS.The heat resistance improve over 35 ℃. Added NPMI 25% in PVC, the thermal deformation temperature can be increased to 50 ° C. In Polyester acid ethylene added NPMI 25% can be increased to more than 70 ℃. NPMI and polystyrene, poly methyl methacrylate, polyamide, etc.,made of a thermoplastic resin plastic alloy, can effectively improve the performance of various types of resin.
      Moreover, NPMI is an aquatic organisms evading the agents, the steel products containing 15% of the paint spray in the seawater 8 months do not grow Oyster and seaweed. The same time, as a broad-spectrum fungicide, pesticide field there are good prospects for application in the field of adhesive rubber chemicals also have broad uses.
      Package:Kraft paper bag or cardboard barrels.25kg/bag(barrel)
      Storage:The product should be stored in the dry and cooling place with good ventilation,avoiding exposure of the packaged product to direct sunlight.
      Notes:According to customer requirements to provide any purity products; this product packaging could adjust based on customer requirements. 

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