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       Betaine Series

      his product is a quatemary amine salt, alkaloids, with active N-CH3 and structure of lactone. It can be used as advantage methyl donor in synthesis of protein, and adjust osmotic pressure in a wide range of pH and electrolyte concentration.

      Ingredient and Specification:
      Products include seven specifications: 
      98%, 96% and 47% betaine anhydrous; 
      98%, 97% and 95% betaine hydrochloride; 
      33% betaine powder

      Main index:


      Type Ingredient Content (%)
      98% Betaine Anhydrous betaine ≥98
      96% Betaine Anhydrous betaine ≥96
      47% Betaine Anhydrous betaine ≥47
      98% Betaine Hydrochloride betaine hydrochloride ≥98
      97% Betaine Hydrochloride betaine hydrochloride ≥97
      95% Betaine Hydrochloride betaine hydrochloride ≥95
      33% Betaine Powder betaine ≥33

      Physical and Chemical Property:
      98% and 96% betaine anhydrous are white to yellowish crystalline, hygroscopic and neutral pH powders.
      47% betaine anhydrous is colorless transparent liquid, pH=9~12.
      98% and 95% betaine hydrochloride are white crystalline and hygroscopic particles, pH=0.8~1.2.
      97% betaine hydrochloride is white crystalline and hygroscopic powder, pH=0.8~1.2.
      33% betaine powder are yellowish, neutral pH, free flowing and appropriate density powders.

      Action Mechanism:
      Supply methyl donor in synthesis of protein and other physiological and biochemical reactions
      Adjust osmotic pressure and obviously alleviate stress
      Heighten anti-coccidiosis function as using together with it
      Improve distribution of fat in carcass, and redistribute the energy and nutrient substance in the body
      Attractant for aquatic animal

      Increase immunity, disease resistance and anti-stress, decrease diarrhea 
      Heighten attractant and feed intake for aquatic animal, reduce feed intake time, feed waste and pollution in water
      Partially replace methionine
      Heighten anti-coccidiosis action
      Heighten percentage of lean meat, meat quality and flavor 
      Increase level of fermentation as nutrition substance for lysine, threonine, glutamate, VB2 and VB12

      Application Scope:

      Livestock, poultry, rare bird and aquatic animal
      Nutrient substance of amino acid and vitamin production

      Usage and Amount:
      Mix product with small and free flowing feed, then add it into premix or compound feed 

      Recommended Additive Amount:(Unit: kg/t)
      Laying Hen
      Rare Bird
      Shrimp & Crab
      98% Betaine Hydrochloride 0.3~1.0 0.2~0.7 0.3~1.0 0.3~1.0 2.0~3.0 1.0~3.0
      96% Betaine Anhydrous 0.2~0.8 0.2~0.5 0.2~0.8 0.2~0.8 1.6~2.4 0.8~2.4
      47% Betaine Anhydrous 0.4~1.6 0.4~1.0 0.4~1.6 0.4~1.6 3.26~4.9 1.6~4.9
      33% Betaine Powder 0.6~2.0 0.5~1.5 0.6~2.0 0.6~2.0 4.0~6.0 2.0~6.0

      Storage:It should be sealed and stored in a dry place.
      Shelf Life:24 months (sealed)
      Packaging:Betaine anhydrous and betaine hydrochloride: 25 kg three-in-one plastic film bag
      Betaine powder: 25 kg three-in-one plastic film bag
      47% Betaine anhydrous: 200 and 1000kg plastic barrels 

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