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      Other Name :  ethoxy quinoline          

      CAS Number :  91-53-2          

      Molecular formula: C14H19NO          

      Structural formula:

       Intro: Light yellow to red-brownish oily low mobile liquid,soluble in acetone and isopropyl alcohol,insoluble in water.

      Specification (feedstuff grade )and quality index
      1. 98% Crude oil: Appearance: yellow or brown glutinous liquid
      Purity: ≥98%
      P-phenelidien: ≤1%
      Heavy metal(Pb): ≤0.001%
      Arsenic(As): ≤0.0003%
      2. 95% Crude oil:
      Appearance: yellow or brown glutinous liquid
      Purity: ≥95%
      P-phenelidien: ≤1%
      Heavy metal(Pb): ≤0.001%
      Arsenic(As): ≤0.0003%
      3. 30% Powder: Appearance: light yellow or brown powder Purity: ≥30%
      4. 60% Powder: Appearance: brown or dark brown powder Purity: ≥60%
      Appropriate amount of additives for reference:
      1. Mixed and concentrate forage: Cantion: if the mixed and concentrade forage is added ethoxy quinoline according to 1%, ethoxy quinoline does not need to be added to the whole-valence forage.
      30% powder 32000~36000g/t, 60% powder 16000~24000g/t,95% crude oil 8000~12000g/t
      2. Whole-valence forage  (The used mixed and concentral forage contains no ethoxy quinoline): 95% crude oil: 100-150g/t 30%powder: 400-600g/t 60%powder:175-225g/t
      3. Fishmeal and fat: 95% crude oil: 5000-6000g/t
      The amount of additives for reference can be adjusted to forage content, quality and fat content, storing temperature, moisture and storing time, increase the amount in the case of higher temperature, moisture or large fat content.
      1. Moisture, high temperature, too much pressure or wrapping damage may cause deterioration and power effect.
      2. Wash with soap water when splattered on the skin for its irritalion.  

      Use: Ethoxy quinoline is one of the four anti-oxident products highly recommanded by the Chinese Agriculture Pepartment. Is the most promising and economically beneficial anti-oxident in animals forage. Ethoxy quinoline is widely used in whole-valence forage, mixed and concentrade forage, fishmeal and fat-content products. Appropriate amount of ethoxy quinoline added to forage. Can keep vitamin A.D.E etc., fat energy and protein from deterioating due to oxidizing, and keep natural pigment steady without changing its color. Besides, ethoxy quinoline can ensure longer terms of validity of forage additives, keep forage from going moldly and thus keep it fresh.          

      Package:  packed in 200kg/drum,30% powder:25kg/bag, stored in shaded,dry cool place with good ventilation

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