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      Chemical Name 4-Anisidine
      Molecular formula C7H9NO
      Molecular weight 123.15
      Structure formula

      white crystal. Technical product is yellow to reddish crystal. Melting Point: 57.2, Boiling Point: 242, Density: 1.089; Refractive Index: 1.5592(67); soluble in enthanol, ether, slightly soluble in water. Its hydrochlorate is easily soluble in water and its sulfate is hard to solve in water. In the air, it will gradually be oxydized and become brown. It is extremely toxic. And the maxium density permitted in the air is 0.5mg/m3.

      Technial Standards
      Test Items
      Appearance greyish to brown crystal or casted matters
      Freezing Point: 57.0
      Content % 99.0
      2-Aminoanisole % 0.5
      4-Chloroaniline 0.4
      Low-boiler % 0.1
      High-boiler % 0.5
      Moisture % 05
      Uses used for making ice colors including dark red developing base GP, fast blue salt VB, naphthol AS-RL, naphthol AS-SG, etc..

      200 kilograms iron buckets or (slice) 25KG bags

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